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Shocker Era Paintball Gun

Shocker Era Paintball Gun

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The Shocker® ERA revolutionizes paintball performance with a reengineered bolt design, enhancing efficiency while minimizing ball breakage. Key modifications enhance airflow, ensuring stable velocity and pressure for superior accuracy and tighter shot patterns, even at rapid firing rates. The system's refined timing reduces the initial impact on the ball, decreasing the likelihood of cracking.

This model adapts seamlessly to various paint qualities, offering remarkable flexibility. The design improvements extend to ergonomics, featuring a broader but more compact regulator, lighter upper frame, and improved grip textures for enhanced comfort and simplified upkeep. A dual trigger mechanism protects against micro-switch wear. Innovations in air pathways prevent leaks, and a strategically placed control board reduces the risk of damage to the trigger switch.

The ERA is equipped with the FREAK XL barrel system, boasting a 15-inch All American ported barrel tip for a quieter shot and compatibility with various inserts. These advancements reinforce the Shocker's reputation for delivering exceptional value, performance, dependability, and the adaptability of the FREAK barrel system.
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